September Specials








September Specials


Rosemary in Full Bloom Massage

75 min. - $90

Summer is over and schedules are back in full swing.  Take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy our 60 min. Signature Massage accompanied by dry brushing, and aromatherapy.  Our rosemary aromatherapy will help you clear your mind, unwind, and relieve stress as the dry brushing brightens and smoothes your skin.  Dry brushing is known to help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

60 min. Signature Massage
Dry Brushing

Rosemary Aromatherapy



Facial and Peel with Rosemary Scalp Massage

60 min. - $99

The beginning of fall means a fresh start for your skin!  After the long summer it’s important to refresh and renew the skin.  Allow us to hydrate your skin during our 30 min. Signature Facial and brighten with a peel.  Enjoy our rosemary scalp massage that will not only clear your mind but also increase blood flow and stimulate hair growth.

30 min. Signature Facial
Rosemary Scalp Massage